Recap: Sept. 18 Mutual Aid Potluck

The Brooklyn Base hosted the third Mutual Aid Potluck last week, where people once again gathered to discuss alternative economic structures in the service of promoting non-capitalist economies. After introductions were made, the topic of the group’s purpose and what we expect from it came up. Some things that were discussed included:

  • Better understanding local political entities
  • Skillshares
  • Using social media to promote awareness
  • Events that focus on specific issues

The final point eventually became a discussion on the idea of thematic months, run on a schedule. Before the potluck, people would research the topics within the context of mutual aid and come prepared to talk about what they learned. The second potluck, then, would include brainstorming ideas for new projects or workshopping existing ones, related to what was talked about previously.

Topics proposed by the group included:

  • Debt
  • Food
  • Housing
  • Tech literacy
  • home repair and maintenance
  • Clothing and sewing
  • Employment/Lack thereof
  • Transportation
  • Healthcare
  • Personal Finance
  • Child care
  • Media
  • Local politics
  • Safety/Know your rights/criminal justice
  • Education

It was decided that Food would be the upcoming theme. Chris, Steve and Maureen volunteered to facilitate this discussion. In addition to everyone coming in with research about mutual aid as it relates to food, people are also encouraged to bring recipe cards to share and swap.

Have ideas or links that relate to Food and Mutual aid? Leave us a comment.

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